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Office Hours: How to Go from School to World Rule

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Once you finish school, it’s a big leap into the next phase of life. And, whether that phase is college or a new job, there’s a gap between the game of school and the guidelines for success in the real world. So, how do you begin adult-ing before you are ready to be an adult? Developed from over a decade of coaching the alphabet generation in the midst of transition, Office Hours: How to Go from School to World Rule offers practical insights to create a purpose-filled career journey and manage the unexpected bumps along the way. Through five key lessons and personal insights, this book will show you how to:

✔ Let Your First Be Your First

✔ Communicate With Intention

✔ Learn From Everyone

✔ Know When It’s Time To Go

✔ Own Your Journey

Master these principles and #RuleUrWorld.

VBFast-paced and packed with takeaways you can use ———today, this book is a must-read for every millennial—GenY and GenZ—determined to stand out from the crowd and advance more quickly in work and life. The insider tips Krystal offers will give you a big advantage in the real world.

— Valorie Burton, bestselling author, Successful Women Think Differently and Brave Enough to Succeed