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Whether you are on your way to your first job, or to a midpoint like college or grad school, the goal of Office Hours: How to Go from School to World Rule is to help you prepare for the transition to real life in the working world. Each section is based on a lesson learned from a double-decade career that’s taken me through six different industries, up the proverbial corporate ladder, and finally into an entrepreneurial zone. Also included are perspectives from people currently in the trenches of transition. So, don’t just take my word for it, meet others on the way to ruling the world.


Ruler: Belle Lopez


Belle is a Dental Assistant turned Social Activist, with a couple of stints as a Sales Associate in between. She’s completing her AA degree at Antelope Valley College in California, and applying to transfer to the California State University system to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Communications.

Read Belle’s journey to rule her world.


Ruler: Jeremy Bergeron


Jeremy is a college athlete turned sales executive for a technology company known as the “Bloomberg” of the Commercial Real Estate Industry. He’s been on the job for six years, and is on the verge of beginning the next phase of his life, which includes starting a family.

Read Jeremy’s journey to rule his world.


Ruler: Jess Mersten

After completing college two years ago, Jess accepted a position in a rotational marketing program at a global apparel brand manufacturer and retailer. She’s just started her new full-time role as Analyst for the Japanese Market focused on a specific product brand of the retailer.

Read Jess’ journey to rule her world.

Ruler4-KylanNieh_Page_1_Image_0001.jpgRuler: Kylan Nieh

Kylan is a Senior Product Manager at a Fortune 100 Silicon Valley technology firm. Three years after graduating with his undergraduate degree, Kylan was named to the 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 list in Enterprise Technology.

Read Kylan’ journey to rule him world.

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