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Book Launch

When a fast no, became a slow yes, a new path revealed. Initially, I said no to the invitation to speak at a conference in 2017. Truth was, I didn’t feel like what I had to say would be all that insightful. Flash forward to this year, where we surprised the audience with advanced copies of my first book, Office Hours: How to Go From School to World Rule, inspired by the speech I almost didn’t give. The book follows the lives of ten folks in transition and offers lessons learned from my own work-life journey. These last 12 months reminded me that while the world moves fast, and decisions often keep pace, slowing down can unearth the next great adventure. What’s waiting for you?

If you’re #Ready2Rule or in the midst of just trying to figure it out, join me at Let’s see what happens next, together!

To get your copy order today here.

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